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Wholesale prom dresses, your quality information!


What exactly is a prom dress?

When we say prom dress, we are usually referring to the dress which is worn by girls in United States on their prom night.Similar to wedding dresses, prom dresses are usually worn only during one special occasion when we want every single detail to be perfect and stunning and a unique dress which fits us definitely counts as more than just a detail.

How much does a typical prom dress cost?

An average cost of a prom dress is about 400 dollars with lot of people spending much more than that and many young girls find themselves struggling to find a nice affordable dress for their once in a lifetime experience. However, you already know that you can find beautiful dresses for just a fraction of this price with wholesale prices being often so low as 40 dollars.

It is extremely important to only purchase wholesale prom dresses of the highest possible standard as it could ruin whole celebration if a strap would suddenly break or a dress would get ripped because it was made of poor quality fabric.

What kind of fabric is usually used in a prom dress production?wholesale prom dresses

A common choice is satin, but also other materials as silk, chiffon, organza, tulle or tafeta are used.
Silk is considered to be the most expensive and luxurious material and it can be slightly difficult to find genuine wholesale silk dresses for a good price.

Perfect alternative is a satin which is extremely popular fabric for prom dresses. It is made from silk but it can be the blend of polyester (or acetate) and silk which means its price is considerably lower.

Other good choice would be taffeta, fabric which is great for winter prom dresses as it is heavier than satin, while chiffon (which is made from silk and polyester or other synthetic fabric) prom dresses would be perfect for summertime.

Which are the most common and traditional styles of wholesale prom dresses?

There is a lot of different fascinating styles but we chose just a few, that are classic and will probably never go out of fashion:

Asymmetrical prom dresses

There was a belief that this style would soon disappear- but it was wrong. This dress is a perfect combination of being modern and classic at the same time and maybe that is one of the reasons why is this dress still so popular.

Strapless prom dresses

A very classic dress which is often chosen by girls as their shoulders and necklaces are visible and they can move their arms freely.

V-neck prom dresses

An elegant, popular and unique dress which is often chosen by girls that are not feeling comfortable wearing a strapless dress.

Useful warnings and tips:

Always remember to only cooperate with reliable distributors and never forget to order few samples of a prom dress you are planning to purchase wholesale.

It often happens that the description does not fit properly and you can save a lot of money by being able to spot the difference between the dress on the picture and the real one.prom dresses

If you have a feeling that the product was not as expected, give that company an accurate feedback and try to review the product for the future customers to avoid this kind of problem.

Try to explain in detail what exactly were you not satisfied with, so the company will be able to make improvements in the future.

If you are planning to set up a business with wholesale prom dresses, always try to provide an accurate information in a description of a dress.

It is also recommended to purchase long prom dresses instead of the short ones as the girls usually prefer those for their special night.

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