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Wholesale clothing, principles and information!


We already learnt a lot about wholesale clothing and we can assume that while purchasing wholesale clothing could be risky, it is definitely worth a try- the main dangers are poor quality of clothes or unlegitimate suppliers trying to scam you, but you can avoid both risks by following our tips and doing your research prior to ordering anything.


You do not need to have a large shop or a lot of money to set up whole business. If you are looking to start one, it would be good to focus on one specific item. You should find as much as you can about the history of the item you chose and you also need to follow current fashion trends in different regions of the world to know what style is currently the most demanded at the market.

 wholesale clothing

A focus on female fashion is recommended, though you need to be aware of the fact that you will be competing with plenty of the other distributors if you choose this kind of market.


So far we were only paying our attention to dresses, but you can also purchase items such as shirts, T-shirts or even hats.

Whichever item you choose, you always need to take the following steps.


► Choose distributor which is reliable, verified and legitimate. Try to check their online reviews if it is possible.


► Contact them with the questions about the product, price and minimum amount of items you need to purchase. It is a good idea to contact various manufacturers at once as you will be able to compare their answers and pick up the best option.

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Remember that some of the distributors only specialize in one specific style.

You should already know what kind and style of clothes are you looking for as well as be able to orientate in current fashion before contacting them.

► Try to order a sample of each type of item you would like to purchase in large quantity.


► Look for any stitching imperfections, difference in colors and quality of material. If you decide to purchase, always do that in advance as it can take many weeks for items to be delivered.


Additional tip:

*Remember that a very thin material is not suitable if you are buying T-shirts with the intention to print logos or messages on them.

You can also ask the wholesaler if they provide printing services.

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