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Wholesale Chinese dresses, all about them!


We are going to talk about Chinese wholesale dresses this time.

China is currently one of the main leaders of wholesale dresses sale with many of their designs looking very similar to name brand designs while being very reasonably priced at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at the few kinds of wholesale Chinese dresses and their fashion style.


The best known Chinese dress is a one-piece Chinese dress called cheongsam. We can also use more formal term- qipao (keipo), which can be sometimes referring to the cheongsam variant made from two pieces. Cheongsam is called a mandarin gown in English.

 Chinese wedding dresses

Cheongsam is a floor-length (or sometimes feet-length) dress with a high slite on one or both sides. While in the past it was commonly used in everyday’s life, nowadays it is mainly worn as a formal wear during important occasions.

The original cheongsam dress used to be baggy, loose and wide and it was designed to cover most of the body with only the hands, head and the tips of the toes visible.

A modern quipao which is made from silk, printed cotton or rayon is more tightly-fitting and it is usually embroidered with gold and silver design. Its neck is high, collar is closed and it is considered very comfortable to wear.

This dress is buttoned on the right side and it usually does not contain any accessories such as belts, scarves or frills which makes its production less complicated.

Wedding dress

Chinese wedding dresses are usually made of silk material and they tend to be of the color red, the one which represents good luck which can keep all the bad spirits away. However, in these days it is quite common for a bride to choose also other colors for their bridal gown.

Cheongsam wholesale dresses

What to do before you order wholesale dresses from China?

We already talked about various risks and advantages which go hand in hand with purchasing clothes wholesale.

You can search for reliable wholesalers by looking at Federation of International Trade Association, which contains links to trusted and verified business trade websites located in China.

You should always look for a company that has a physical address and ideally also a fax number.

Definitely try to get some samples before purchasing a   higher amount of dresses.

Some of the shippers can charge a small delivery fee but it is definitely worth avoiding a risk of being disappointed by paying it as this will enable you to see quality and an exact size of dresses.

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