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All about wholesale clothing!


Wholesale clothing businesses are currently becoming more and more popular. That means that if you decided to start a wholesale business selling clothes, you will probably have to offer as many reasons as you can for the potential customers to purchase from you instead of from your competitors.

However, it also means that there is a higher demand for wholesale clothes than ever before.


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You may find out that a level of competition is quite tough, but try to remember that there are also many potential customers and if you prove yourself to be a trustworthy and reliable seller offering a good quality for a low price, you will soon build a solid client base.

After deciding what kind of wholesale clothing business will fit you the most, try to determine a specific type and style of clothes that you would like to focus on. Try to find as many distributors as possible that specify only in this kind of clothes.

Shipping time and costs

Remember that delivery of wholesale clothing can sometimes take a very long time. This applies especially if you choose to buy from international companies.

You also have to count with a possibility that there will be a certain shipping fee added to your purchase. Shipping can often take up to eight weeks (probably even more if you are buying from a company that is based overseas).

Check whether company has an option of providing you with shipping on the same day and if there is any extra fee for this service. We also recommend you to use the company that will enable you to track your shipment.

Return policy

This is extremely important to check before deciding to purchase any item. Find if your chosen companies allow  returns and try to cooperate with those that do.

Additional fees

Some of the companies will ask you to register with them before allowing you to purchase their products. This can also mean paying  a membership fee, although you will certainly be able to find the companies that do not need you to complete any registration in order to purchase their products.

Interesting fact: children’s clothing is currently believed to be the most profitable area of clothing business.

Additional tip: always try to pay by credit card instead of paying in cash. Not only there is a lot of scammers and rip-off artists, but there can always arise a problem with your order and you are more protected if you paid by your card.

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