How to place an order on wholesale dress site

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Step 1: you login to your account. If you don’t have an account, read our previous post to see how you can get an account on a wholesale dress site. After you logged in you go and choose whatever you want to order. select productI, for example want to order a pair of boots. So, I‘ve went to Wholesale Shoes category, then Boots, and after I’ve chosen what I want to order. It looks like this: When you decided what to buy, go click Add to cart button. Next you have to calculate you shipment fees.

Go down page to this section: and fill the blanks according to your country.

shipping fees

You will get a calculation according to it, as you can see here:


shipping details When you have decided to finalize the order, go click Cart button. You will a window like this

shopping cart

After click CONTINUE CHECK OUT and you will have to fill in your address according to forms in

shipping adress

then press Continue checkout again. In this window you have to select the shipping and the payment method. I prefer the cheapest way but you can choose what you want. Also don’t forget to choose the payment method. It is all detailed on the site.

After you click PLACE ORDER like you see in

placing order

Your order is final now and you will receive a message like you see here

completing order

After the payment is complete you will get this message in your account :

order confirmation

I was very satisfied with the products, I have also received a gift from the seller. The  package arrived and I can tell you it looks great. I will show it to you in future posts.


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