How to buy or sale wholesale dresses?

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This article was created in order to help you to orientate in a wholesale business. Altough we provide you with an advice specifically aimed at wholesale dress business, it is possible to use it within any other of your wholesale businesses, as our tips are rather general.

We already know  a definition of wholesale and all the necessary basic facts about how it works. Now we can have a look at what exactly do we need to know before starting selling in a wholesale market (or purchasing, as our article is focused on strategies for buyers as well as sellers).

Which factors do you need to consider before starting a business with wholesale dresses?

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Always ensure that your wholesale dresses will reach your buyers in a perfect condition. There is nothing worse than to order and pay for item that will end up being delivered with some kind of defect or made from poor quality fabric. This is especially a case with purchases made in a wholesale business, as customers usually buy in bulk.

Include as many pictures of wholesale products as you can, from different angles and in a natural light. Write a lot of details about your products- this will help you to build a trust with your customer as they will know what exactly are they getting for their money.

Never sacrifice quality for the price. It is important to be known as a decent wholesaler and if you will ensure that quality of your products is the highest possible, your customers will always come back to you, which means win-win situation for both you and them.

The same applies another way around. Remember to do a background check on a seller before purchasing a huge amount of products. You should definitely ask them to provide you with some samples before placing a large order to minimize a risk of getting either scammed or discovering that dresses are not properly made or that they   differ from the ones shown on the pictures.


Whether you are a buyer or a seller, communication forms a relevant part of a final outcome in the process of a sale. If you are a seller, state a minimum amount of dresses that a customer needs to purchase, expected time of delivery and the final price. If you enable to order a sample for a small fee, inform them about this option. Also specify whether you specialize in a specific style of dresses.

Additional tip: If you are a buyer, we definitely recommend you to contact more than one seller, as you will be able to see which deal suits your needs the best.

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