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Wholesale clothing, principles and information!


We already learnt a lot about wholesale clothing and we can assume that while purchasing wholesale clothing could be risky, it is definitely worth a try- the main dangers are poor quality of clothes or unlegitimate suppliers trying to scam you, but you can avoid both risks by following our tips and doing your research prior to ordering anything.


You do not need to have a large shop or a lot of money to set up whole business. If you are looking to start one, it would be good to focus on one specific item. You should find as much as you can about the history of the item you chose and you also need to follow current fashion trends in different regions of the world to know what style is currently the most demanded at the market.

 wholesale clothing

A focus on female fashion is recommended, though you need to be aware of the fact that you will be competing with plenty of the other distributors if you choose this kind of market.


So far we were only paying our attention to dresses, but you can also purchase items such as shirts, T-shirts or even hats.

Whichever item you choose, you always need to take the following steps.


► Choose distributor which is reliable, verified and legitimate. Try to check their online reviews if it is possible.


► Contact them with the questions about the product, price and minimum amount of items you need to purchase. It is a good idea to contact various manufacturers at once as you will be able to compare their answers and pick up the best option.

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Remember that some of the distributors only specialize in one specific style.

You should already know what kind and style of clothes are you looking for as well as be able to orientate in current fashion before contacting them.

► Try to order a sample of each type of item you would like to purchase in large quantity.


► Look for any stitching imperfections, difference in colors and quality of material. If you decide to purchase, always do that in advance as it can take many weeks for items to be delivered.


Additional tip:

*Remember that a very thin material is not suitable if you are buying T-shirts with the intention to print logos or messages on them.

You can also ask the wholesaler if they provide printing services.

Wholesale chinese dresses

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Wholesale Chinese dresses, all about them!


We are going to talk about Chinese wholesale dresses this time.

China is currently one of the main leaders of wholesale dresses sale with many of their designs looking very similar to name brand designs while being very reasonably priced at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at the few kinds of wholesale Chinese dresses and their fashion style.


The best known Chinese dress is a one-piece Chinese dress called cheongsam. We can also use more formal term- qipao (keipo), which can be sometimes referring to the cheongsam variant made from two pieces. Cheongsam is called a mandarin gown in English.

 Chinese wedding dresses

Cheongsam is a floor-length (or sometimes feet-length) dress with a high slite on one or both sides. While in the past it was commonly used in everyday’s life, nowadays it is mainly worn as a formal wear during important occasions.

The original cheongsam dress used to be baggy, loose and wide and it was designed to cover most of the body with only the hands, head and the tips of the toes visible.

A modern quipao which is made from silk, printed cotton or rayon is more tightly-fitting and it is usually embroidered with gold and silver design. Its neck is high, collar is closed and it is considered very comfortable to wear.

This dress is buttoned on the right side and it usually does not contain any accessories such as belts, scarves or frills which makes its production less complicated.

Wedding dress

Chinese wedding dresses are usually made of silk material and they tend to be of the color red, the one which represents good luck which can keep all the bad spirits away. However, in these days it is quite common for a bride to choose also other colors for their bridal gown.

Cheongsam wholesale dresses

What to do before you order wholesale dresses from China?

We already talked about various risks and advantages which go hand in hand with purchasing clothes wholesale.

You can search for reliable wholesalers by looking at Federation of International Trade Association, which contains links to trusted and verified business trade websites located in China.

You should always look for a company that has a physical address and ideally also a fax number.

Definitely try to get some samples before purchasing a   higher amount of dresses.

Some of the shippers can charge a small delivery fee but it is definitely worth avoiding a risk of being disappointed by paying it as this will enable you to see quality and an exact size of dresses.

Wholesale wedding dress

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About a wedding dress!


As the last time we took a look at wholesale dresses in general, today we can focus our attention on a specific kind of wholesale dress- a wedding dress. It goes without saying that a wedding dress (which is sometimes also called a wedding gown) is one of the most important components of a great wedding ceremony.

Our ancestors knew it all well and brides in the past were required to wear a wedding dress which reflected their wealth and social status of their family in the best possible way.

That meant that while brides from poor families could wear their best church dress instead of the proper wedding dress, brides from the upper-class families were expected to attend their wedding in an exclusive wedding gown which was made from the best quality fabrics and rich materials such as silk, velvet and fur.

Nowadays can style and color of a wedding dress vary depending on a culture, religion and region of the country where a wedding takes place.


Why should we choose to buy a wholesale wedding dress?

According to the Bridal Association of America, the average cost of a wedding dress is currently about 1500 dollars.

Wedding dresses purchased for this price are usually expected to contain a lace detail as well as a small to medium amount of beading. Naturally, price of a wedding dress also depends on the material used and amount of handmade work put into its production.

While the price of a custom-made designer wedding dress can be anything from 2000 to 5000 dollars, it is also possible to purchase a simple wedding dress from chain bridal retailer for the cost of only 200 dollars or wholesale dress

However, the main advantage of buying a wholesale wedding dress is an extremely affordable price and many young women will not miss an opportunity to purchase their wedding dress for a price as small as only 80 (!) dollars.

What are the most important things to consider when buying a wholesale wedding dress?

As wholesalers usually sell their items off-season, you should remember that you need to purchase your wedding dress for a winter ceremony in the summer and the other way around.

All brides should also keep in mind that it is not only a style of wedding dress that matters, but they should also concentrate on the kind of the fabric used to make their dress.

Other important thing is to allow yourself some time when buying a wedding dress. We highly recommend that you start looking for your wedding dress at least six months before your wedding day to avoid any pressure.

Why are fabrics so important?

A wedding dress worn during a winter ceremony should be made from a heavier fabric than a dress you will wear for a summer wedding, otherwise it can create an extremely uncomfortable experience.

Dresses which are the most suitable for a summer wedding are those made from the materials such as charmeuse (which is considered very comfortable to wear), crepe, damask (similar to brocade, but lighter) or silk georgette (very similar to chiffon), while fabrics used to make a winter wedding dress should be heavier such as brocade, jersey, satin or velvet.

Tulle and organza are generally suitable for any season.

What is the current fashion on the market?

The majority of wedding dresses are sleeveless as well as without straps, the main reason being that they are much easier for the designers to made.

Interesting fact!wedding dress1

The most commonly used wedding dress in Western culture is usually that of a white color, though other shades of white such as ivory, ecru or eggshell color are used as well.

Interestingly, prior to the Victorian era it was common for brides to use also other colors for their wedding dress, including black.

A white wedding dress became popular mainly after year 1840, after the marriage of Queen Victoria during which she chose to wear a white wedding dress.

Wholesale dress

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