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Wholesale Dresses Online – Just for you!

Since ancient times, clothing is used first of all  to cover our body. Clothing also helps you to feel more attractive and to communicate with other people. They are many reasons for what people wear clothing, like comfort and protection, psychological and social reasons, or physical ones – wholesale dresses. Also trough cloths you can express your personality and you can identify with other people.
Clothing helps to meet some of basic human needs. They can be a fascinating part of everyone’s life, therefore clothes are worn for protection, safety, sanitation, uniforms and  more.

Protection – without cloths, our skin is uncovered and exposed. So we can be affected by rain, snow, sun, heat,cold, wind and so on. We can be injured on our job, or on sports or on other activities. It also helps you at comfort, by absorbing perspiration and preventing sudden chills and it also acts like a shield between your body and scratches, burns and rough surfaces – wholesale cocktail dresses. Right clothes can insulate your body against hot or cold temperatures, that’s why the Eskimos wear fur( it traps the warm from body), and desert nomads keep their body cooler by wearing long flowing robes and headdresses.
Safety– clothes offer you and your body protection. Some sports and occupation require special clothes for protection reasons.(helmets, protective padding, bullet proof vests, florescent vests, etc) – more information you can find in top rated online stores – köpa coola prylar.
Sanitation– some clothes are worn for sanitation reasons, like the sanitary uniforms, masks and gloves disposable ones worn by doctors in operating rooms. Also workers in food factories wear face masks, hair covering, sanitary clothes for protective reasons ( prevents contamination of food, or medical products with germs and viruses).
Modesty – that means what is proper to wear in a situation, like a dress can be proper for a party but it can be unacceptable to wear it at work.
Identification– clothes can help at identifying members of a group, because certain types of clothes have become representative of different groups or activities and occupations – wholesale dresses.
Uniforms – by uniform you can identify easy members of a group, like policeman, fireman, military. Uniforms are used also in restaurants, airline personnel, hotel staff, and also by athletic teams. With an uniform you can be recognized by the customers or you can create an image for your brand and company – wholesale cocktail dresses.
Styles and colors – some activities and occupations require a certain style of dress. Like judges or attorneys, ministers, priests and other clergy wears robes of different colors ( usually black, or white, even red for Taoist monks). This style comes from ancient times, many centuries ago and they will hardly ever change.
Insignias – badges and emblems, that means insignias, show the belonging of a certain institution, usually a school and they are designed many years ago like a brand for that institution.
Status – some clothes and accessories indicate position or rank within a group. Like crowns that kings and queens wear, set them apart from the rest of the people. Also some people use fur coats, designers clothes, or jewelry(diamonds) to show their status and wealth.
Decoration – people can improve their look by wearing clothes, jewelry and cosmetics. Clothes can be decorated to make it special and unique and to make the one who wears them also special.
Clothes can be a statement and they can change the people that wears them or the people who create them.

Wholesale Cocktail Dresses

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What you should know about Wholesale Cocktail Dresses!

This article was written by our team in response to many of the ladies faithful our website regarding choosing the right dress for events and cocktails.

Cocktail parties give you the opportunity to interact with a lot of new people, so it is important to feel comfortable and confident.

Brands present on our website have prepared designs cocktail dresses lace veil or feathers applications, traditional or non-traditional colors for you to choose what best describes you. What is important regarding these collections is that only there you can find all  kind of dresses, all of them are full of femininity, great colors and interesting patterns.

Designers succeed through these collections to put out every woman, whether they choose an evening dress short or long … dresses suitable for any event!

Wholesale Cocktail Dresses for special events can be found in our website pages and partners (

Online Cocktail Dresses 2014 for world wide business

When we discuss about wholesale cocktail dresses we must consider pieces of tulle fabric with sequins or sparkles application type Swarovski stones and in the same time peplum type models with corset, bolero, kind little black dress, uni, which closely follows the body line.

Regarding the type of materials used for making dresses for cocktail, we can mention the fine materials, fluids, and morbido tulle, Chantilly lace and Guipure, satin morbido and MICADO, veil, silk, sequins or material type applications Swarovski stones.

An important aspect of buying cocktail dresses is choosing the right size and the method of delivery. Be careful when you take decission to purchase dresses online, there are many sites for amateurs who want nothing more than to fool you and steal your money.

        Generally speaking measurements charts/tables are for clothes not for body, this is the reason that I wish you can pick the clothes a little bigger than your body.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Size chart and size tips for wholesale dresses

Sizing and correct measure for wholesale cocktail dresses

When we speak about measurements and beautiful dresses for special events, we must be careful regarding those charts presented above, including the wholesale prom dresses section.(

Suitable cocktail dresses just for you

Not in the end we want to present few things about shipping and return policy.

        In most cases items will be sent out within 2 working days upon receipt and verification of payment. It is very important to write and save all information regarding payment and tracking number.

All items are shipped from worldwide locations via International Airmail, local or international couriers. It usually takes 10 – 15 working days for the delivery time.

Remember that delivery can sometimes take a very long time. This applies especially if you choose to buy from international companies. You also have to count with a possibility that there will be a certain shipping fee added to your purchase.

Please don’t forget to check whether company or that online store has an option of providing you with shipping on the same day and if there is any extra fee for this service. We also recommend you to use the company that will enable you to track your shipment.

Returning policy is extremely important because you must check before deciding to purchase any item. Find if your chosen companies or stores allow  returns and try to cooperate with those that do.

We believe that the information presented in this article will be of great help for you, in this way we want just to thank you again for your interest in our services! team

How to create an account on a wholesale dress site

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How to create an account on ?

Step 1: Click the buton Join Free  then it opens this window:

New account on a wholesale dress website

Then you will have to fill in the blanks as you can see in my window below :


Complete information for a new account

I preffer using my email on because of the easy way of working with it. After you have fill in the blanks, click  Create Your Account buton . You will receive the nex message from this window :

Receive a new confirmation for a new account

You will also get an email for confirmation of your account. Go check your email address and click on the confirmation link that you get . the message from site owner should look like this :

Confirmation for your accountAfter you have your account confirmed you can place your order.

For that please read our next post !

Best regards, Team!

Learn how to buy wholesale clothing

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All about wholesale clothing!


Wholesale clothing businesses are currently becoming more and more popular. That means that if you decided to start a wholesale business selling clothes, you will probably have to offer as many reasons as you can for the potential customers to purchase from you instead of from your competitors.

However, it also means that there is a higher demand for wholesale clothes than ever before.


wholesale dress

You may find out that a level of competition is quite tough, but try to remember that there are also many potential customers and if you prove yourself to be a trustworthy and reliable seller offering a good quality for a low price, you will soon build a solid client base.

After deciding what kind of wholesale clothing business will fit you the most, try to determine a specific type and style of clothes that you would like to focus on. Try to find as many distributors as possible that specify only in this kind of clothes.

Shipping time and costs

Remember that delivery of wholesale clothing can sometimes take a very long time. This applies especially if you choose to buy from international companies.

You also have to count with a possibility that there will be a certain shipping fee added to your purchase. Shipping can often take up to eight weeks (probably even more if you are buying from a company that is based overseas).

Check whether company has an option of providing you with shipping on the same day and if there is any extra fee for this service. We also recommend you to use the company that will enable you to track your shipment.

Return policy

This is extremely important to check before deciding to purchase any item. Find if your chosen companies allow  returns and try to cooperate with those that do.

Additional fees

Some of the companies will ask you to register with them before allowing you to purchase their products. This can also mean paying  a membership fee, although you will certainly be able to find the companies that do not need you to complete any registration in order to purchase their products.

Interesting fact: children’s clothing is currently believed to be the most profitable area of clothing business.

Additional tip: always try to pay by credit card instead of paying in cash. Not only there is a lot of scammers and rip-off artists, but there can always arise a problem with your order and you are more protected if you paid by your card.

How to buy or sale wholesale dresses?

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This article was created in order to help you to orientate in a wholesale business. Altough we provide you with an advice specifically aimed at wholesale dress business, it is possible to use it within any other of your wholesale businesses, as our tips are rather general.

We already know  a definition of wholesale and all the necessary basic facts about how it works. Now we can have a look at what exactly do we need to know before starting selling in a wholesale market (or purchasing, as our article is focused on strategies for buyers as well as sellers).

Which factors do you need to consider before starting a business with wholesale dresses?

wholesale dresses just for you


Always ensure that your wholesale dresses will reach your buyers in a perfect condition. There is nothing worse than to order and pay for item that will end up being delivered with some kind of defect or made from poor quality fabric. This is especially a case with purchases made in a wholesale business, as customers usually buy in bulk.

Include as many pictures of wholesale products as you can, from different angles and in a natural light. Write a lot of details about your products- this will help you to build a trust with your customer as they will know what exactly are they getting for their money.

Never sacrifice quality for the price. It is important to be known as a decent wholesaler and if you will ensure that quality of your products is the highest possible, your customers will always come back to you, which means win-win situation for both you and them.

The same applies another way around. Remember to do a background check on a seller before purchasing a huge amount of products. You should definitely ask them to provide you with some samples before placing a large order to minimize a risk of getting either scammed or discovering that dresses are not properly made or that they   differ from the ones shown on the pictures.


Whether you are a buyer or a seller, communication forms a relevant part of a final outcome in the process of a sale. If you are a seller, state a minimum amount of dresses that a customer needs to purchase, expected time of delivery and the final price. If you enable to order a sample for a small fee, inform them about this option. Also specify whether you specialize in a specific style of dresses.

Additional tip: If you are a buyer, we definitely recommend you to contact more than one seller, as you will be able to see which deal suits your needs the best.