Wholesale – all about the manufacturers, the sellers or the distributors!

Wayes to buy fashion  dresses for all, what does it means wholesale dress and who does that, here you find out and you will be on top.

What exactly does the term “wholesale“ refer to?

Wholesale is basically a bulk sale of goods. They are provided directly by a manufacturer or distributor to a retailer for resale purposes. Most of the time a buyer must buy  large quantities of goods.  Also the price of the items sold,  tends to be lower than the price of the goods bought at retail value.

Now let’s have a look at the industry of wholesale clothes, specifically dresses. As we see, the main difference between the concepts of buying wholesale dresses and buying dresses from retail seller is that retails usually offer goods in smaller quantities, for a bigger price as they need to cover the additional costs and they are selling items to the public.

This niche is based on the same principles as any other wholesale. That means that  dresses are bought and sold among businesses before being buyed by the public.

Buying  dresses as so is seasonal. It usually happens  during the spring. That allows  manufacturers to prepare and deliver goods before the start of summer session.

Dresses are sold in pieces in the way where each dress equals one piece.  It is usually obligatory for a buyer to purchase a certain amount of dresses.

The number of dresses  ordered can have a huge impact on the final price. wholesale dress

Many wholesalers require buying of 100 to 500 pieces of an item as bare minimum. It saves company’s time.  Otherwise it will  be spent by dealing with packaging or handling of the goods.

It is also worth notice that many of designers are only available to the large companies able to purchase thousands of  items.

There are two ways to buy dresses this way:  the first way is to set up a business. And buy items for the store. In this case it is necessary to have EIN (Employer identification number).

You also need to register a business in order to be able to work with wholesale  suppliers and manufacturers.  The second possibility is to be employed by a retailer as a fashion buyer. Your  main task is to deal with manufacturers directly.

It is crucial for a fashion buyer to get familiar with upcoming fashion trends, styles, patterns, fabrics and colors. Very helpful could be so-called fashion weeks.

Those events are  held every year in locations such as Paris, Los Angeles and New York. These events last one week and their main purpose is to introduce upcoming trends in designer fashion.

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One of the books which could be useful to anyone interested  in fashion wholesale is called Wholesale White Pages.

Its purpose is to list wholesalers.  Not only in the United States, but also in the other countries such as China.

The book  includes their contact details and information about their products. It is usually possible to find this book at flea markets.

There are several risks involved in buying wholesale.

When you buy designer dresses, it is necessary to check whether the wholesaler is an authorized designer merchant.

Do that  to avoid a fraud committed by people trying to sell fake replicas.

A buyer must also be aware of the fact that it can often take up to 12 weeks for shipments to reach them.

It is highly recommended to order a trial batch of the dresses.  The common practice is to edit photos of the models wearing dresses to present items in a perfect light.

As well  it is advisable to check reviews of the company, before buying big quantities of dresses.  That  minimise the risk of receiving  product of a low quality.

To avoid further problems,  it is also recommended to use a credit card when buying goods (dresses or anything else).